One of the most exciting sports to watch live – dodgeball on trampolines! Sky Zone has created the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship in Las Vegas that competes for a huge cash prize.

World Cup 8 was a Snapchat Event! This logo was a ‘filter’ that was made available to those at the event, and therefore seen by millions across the globe following the Snapchat Event.

I do not have the ability to create websites, but I’m often asked to provide supporting color/font suggestions and even create layouts for others to add the web functioning layer to. This is one example of where I was able to expand my logo design to include an entire branding set.

Logo for the US Quidditch Northwest Region.

Logo for a multi-talented friend based in Brooklyn, NY taking his photography business to the next level.

I like to give my clients many options. These are some of the ideas for branding @ThisisOurlando – an Orlando-based Instagram account.

Title design for the covers of an up-and-coming comic book series.

Logo and label design for Sarah’s Etsy shop where she sells hand-painted signs and decor.

This design was used in black and white form to create the medals for the 2014 Global Games in Burnaby, Canada.


As a freelancer, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and logos around the world! Here is a small collection of some of the logos I’ve done that have been seen the most.