I love getting the opportunity to use my tablet and create hand-drawn fonts and images – like the flowers and script I created for this Women’s event.

Christmas mailer to prospective students. Was printed with a UV-gloss over FCC's logo to make it stand out.

I LOVE making products and pieces that all work together! Hand-picked paper, bags, coffee-sleeves, mugs, etc. to all work together as one cafe. The logo was hand-stamped on the coffee sleeves! The cold cups were given a sticker to match the branding.

I’ve designed many book and album covers. This was one of my favorite books – inside and out :)

I designed every single page of the book, "She Belongs With Me," by Dawn Strobeck. I was ecstatic to create an ad design for this beautiful book to be in my favorite magazine, Relevant.

Beautiful letterpressed bookmark I designed as a marketing piece to promote the book, "She Belongs With Me," by Dawn Strobeck.

Complete stationary set created for Florida Christian College.

The inside of a hand-sketched map for the Quidditch World Cup – designed to look like the Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter series.