Beautiful letterpressed bookmark I designed as a marketing piece to promote the book, "She Belongs With Me," by Dawn Strobeck.

This pattern was used as a photo backdrop for a mother’s day event. I drew the flowers digitally.

I LOVE making products and pieces that all work together! Hand-picked paper, bags, coffee-sleeves, mugs, etc. to all work together as one cafe. The logo was hand-stamped on the coffee sleeves! The cold cups were given a sticker to match the branding.

I designed every single page of the book, "She Belongs With Me," by Dawn Strobeck. I was ecstatic to create an ad design for this beautiful book to be in my favorite magazine, Relevant.

The inside of a hand-sketched map for the Quidditch World Cup – designed to look like the Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter series.

I designed many things for a “Transformed” sermon series at Real Life Christian Church. This shirt quickly became a best seller – as more than 750 flew off the shelves in one weekend.

Concept designs for a singer/songwriter duo.

Simple one-color design created for a new church plant in Corvallis, Oregon.


As a graphic designer, it is important to have a growing knowledge of the printing industry. Working with the right inks, understanding the texture of papers used, even building relationships with local screen printing companies have helped build knowledge that I can pass on to my clients to ensure both the right price point and quality for them.